Princely State Rooms


The gorgeous marble staircase in the south wing of the palace ascends to the splendid chambers of the princely residence. Guests are traditionally greeted at the foot of the impressive staircase. The entire interior decoration in Neo-Renaissance style is modeled on Roman antiquity.


An era of great festivities springs to life upon entering the ballroom, or “Baroque Room”. Max Schultze, the princely architect, joined the Rococo design of the Frankfurt palace with the Neo-Rococo to create a 190 m2, two-storied room with lavish formal architecture. No hall in Regensburg offers a more splendid setting for festive events.

Silver Room

François Cuvilliés’ design of the “Blue Cabinet” in the Amalienburg of Nymphenburg Palace served as the model for the Silver Salon. Crown Princess Helene, sister of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, had the room furnished for herself.


Visitors feel a hint of the exotic in the conservatory where spring, summer and fall are pictured. Built in the 19th century, it provides an optical connection between the east and south wings of the palace.