Princely Brewery

And after a tour through the centuries we’d like to invite you to round out your visit in our Princely Brewery.
The impressive building where our brewery is now located served as the carriage depot and office of the Princely Court Steward from 1910 to 1935. In 1936, Prince Albert I established one of the first carriage museums in Europe in this extensive building. Today, our guests are treated here to Bavarian specialties and homebrewed beer. The Princely Brewery is widely known for its delicious beer varieties: wheat, light and dark, that are brewed in two copper vats. You are heartily welcome in the vaulted rooms of the New Carriage House.

Princely Brewery
Waffnergasse 6 – 8 | 93047 Regensburg
Tel.: 0941 / 280433-0 | Fax: 0941 / 280433-21

Monday to Saturday: 11:00 am-midnight
Sundays and holidays: 10:00 am-midnight

Princely Café

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