Carriage Museum

In any palace, the stables serve a double purpose: not only do they shelter horses and carriages; they are also an important demonstration of family prestige. The stables of the princely palace were constructed between 1829 and 1832 by the builder Jean-Baptiste Métivier. They consist of the stable wings for the horses and a 600 m2 riding hall decorated with sculptures by Ludwig von Schwanthaler.

Today, the carriage museum, which is amongst the best in Europe, houses an extensive collection of carriages, sleighs, and sedan-chairs from the 18th and 19th centuries. Ceremonial riding equipment and tack are testimony to the elaborate equine husbandry of the Thurn und Taxis. Since 2007, selected carriages are on display that were made in Vienna in the 19th century and are on loan from the carriage section of the Vienna Art History Museum.